"Folks should be able to make their own statement about what they do, but if it isn't grammatical or the message is a muddle, it's making the WRONG statement."
--"Tex" T. Editing

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Grammatical errors lower customer expectations,
so count on a skilled writer to present the case for "You."

People don't like to admit it, but grammatical and formal weaknesses in their writing can give visitors on the Internet a reason to keep looking elsewhere for services. Unprofessional writing suggests you are unprofessional in your business, and that's not fair!

We'll present you in a pristine style that's free of errors.

You'll have a statement that moves the reader's focus to your excellent skills and dependabilty, not your sentence fragments and unnecessary repetitions. To see what we mean, check out our actual web page sample.

Put proud, informative copy before your readers.

Are You an Artist Describing Your Work to Others?

Avoid statements and announcements full of empty gibberish that has nothing to do with what the viewer sees in your art. Our renowned art blogger, Drew Zimmerman, will describe how your work was made in such a way that the meaning behind it will be communicated without all that mumbo jumbo. Put his 30 years' experience as an artist, gallery director, and copywriter to work for you and advance your art credibility.

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