Artist Resumés

It's easy to get a resumé that highlights your career in the appropriate form and invites "gatekeepers" at galleries and institutions to select you from among all those other applicants.

Upload your current resumé or a list of your accomplish-
ments and vital statistics.
We'll put everything into a powerful, professional format that shows you mean business.

"If you don't supply all the pieces to your puzzle, folks will fill in the blanks with ill-fitting pieces of their own."
                        --"Tex" T. Editing

The standard artist's resumé differs from the same document in other professions. The difference is important because most employment opportunities for artists require a formal resumé just to get someone to look at your portfolio. It would be terrible if a poorly formatted review of your background turned off gallery owners, grant-awarding panelists, or education administrators before they even had a look at that fabulous art you make.

Let format and write your resumé for a low basic fee of $24.95.

We'll take your information or existing resumé and prepare a single-page document that makes the best of those credentials you've been accumulating your whole professional career. For just $34.95, you can share every exhibition in which you've participated and every honor your art has ever earned in a multi-page document. Whether you're proud of your gallery shows or getting featured in the showcase next to the high school gym, we'll find the best way to present your artistic triumphs!