Get a press release that sparks valuable critical commentary on your show or event.

Upload information about your next event, representative digital files of the art you'll be putting before the public, and other pertinent data, and we'll shape the right press release.

"When it comes to the press, I treat them like I would a crying newborn: I give 'em whatever they want." --"Tex" T. Editing

For every artist with a wide following, there's a journalist somewhere who championed him or her to the art-loving and art-buying public. Press coverage of an artist's latest show or project is more valuable than sales and less expensive than advertising. (How about free? You can handle free, can't you?)

A well-written and meticulously formatted press release is essential to getting noticed by qualified reporters of your local art scene, because those old school reporters from the County Pickayune won't trudge to a gallery opening unless the announcement is properly formatted and full of riveting content. Let us formulate the perfect, newsworthy description of your latest event or project.